Restoring the Wealth of the World to its Rightful Owners

WEREX is the World Equity Repository EXchange

A Special Equity-Title and Equity-Lien Salvage and Restitution Trust

February 29, 2020


TAKE NOTICE that Timothy Paul Madden, a living being-of-conscience with adequate knowledge and acting in good faith, does hereby and hereunder declare and publish an EQUITY-LIEN on the EQUITY-TITLE(S) to all broadly-defined CONSUMER-DEBT-SECURITIES worldwide for which the issuer and equity-underwriter-in-fact did not obtain the equitable / underwriting credit in exchange for their undertaking of liability, and where some other party or entity obtained such credit to their own unearned and unjust enrichment (normally as and under the pretence of being a money-lender or creditor).

TAKE NOTICE that Timothy Paul Madden, a living being- of-conscience with adequate knowledge and acting in good faith, does hereby and hereunder SALVAGE the aforesaid EQUITY-TITLE(S) and grant the aforesaid EQUITY-TITLE(S) and EQUITY-LIEN(S) into a SPECIAL-SALVAGE-TRUST pro rata in favour of, and to the benefit of, the rightful and equitable issuers and owners of them.

CONSUMER-DEBT-SECURITIES include, but are not limited to, mortgages, promissory notes, securities for nominal personal, small-business, student, and consumer loans, credit/charge-card accounts, and nominal lines-of-credit, (and in any other form that is or may be recognized by the trustee / administrator of the salvage and restitution trust).

Under Phase 1 of the Restitution Process, anyone with a claim pursuant to a current or past registered mortgage or mortgages from a WEREX-recognised financial institution may exchange or liquidate their claim for an equivalent value in Gold-Limited and Bonded Equity Exchange Credits (a quasi-crypto-currency) from the trust operating as WEREX (World Equity Repository and Exchange).

To simplify the administrative procedure everyone is allowed to claim for their single largest Principal Amount Mortgage upon activating their Seat on the WEREX.

There is no cost to activate your Seat on WEREX or to claim or convert your Equity Entitlement.

As soon as is practical, WEREX will convert everyone’s total mortgage-based claims, as well as those for all other forms of broadly-defined consumer-debt-securities.