Payments Volume Growth Boosts Visa’s 2018 Earnings; Key Initiatives To Drive Future Value (October 29, 2018): [Still waiting for fiscal 2019 figures – expected to be 12% to 15% greater]:

In fiscal 2018, Visa’s number of cards (including virtual cards) increased by about 80 million to 3.3 billion. The total [gross purchase] volume [throughput] surpassed a record $11 trillion [just for the Visa banks alone], driven by 182 billion transactions during the year. The company’s payments volume growth remained strong across the globe, with double-digit growth (in constant dollars) in all regions except Europe. [ website, December 17, 2018]


Everyone knows that by paying off their credit card balance in full every month that they are effectively receiving a free loan from the card-issuer (by total $ purchase-volume-throughput about 98% of all card-users do so in fact).

Question 1: How are the world’s aggregate credit/charge-card issuers able to pocket the USD-equivalent of about $2 billion a day ($2,000,000,000) in concealed-credit-charges – about $1 trillion ($1,000,000,000,000) roughly every 18 months – making free loans? Explain your answer.

Question 2: Why does it cost as little as 1% or 50 cents to process a $50 credit/charge-card transaction to pay for gasoline, but up to 6% or $30 (60-times-more) to process a $500 credit/charge-card transaction to pay for dinner at an expensive restaurant? Explain your answer.

Question 3: Why does it cost-in-fact less than 2 cents to process a $1,000 debit-card transaction, but up to $60 (3,000-times-more) to process a $1,000 credit/charge-card transaction? Explain your answer.

Question 4: How are the world’s aggregate credit/charge-card issuers able to pocket $1 trillion ($1,000,000,000,000) in concealed-credit-charges roughly every 18 months without all consumers overpaying by $1 trillion every 18 months? Explain your answer.

Question 5: Where do you believe the money comes from to pay for air miles and membership rewards programs? Explain your answer.

Question 6: About 10% or $200 million a day of the total is a direct commission or handling-fees from VAT and other government sales-taxes that are run through these accounts. How are roughly 25,000 PhD’s in Economics globally able to remain oblivious to it? Explain your answer.

Question 7: Given that virtually every credit/charge-card transaction prima facie offends up to two dozen criminal-law / racketeering laws, how is it that the broadly-defined justice department of every country in the world fails to prosecute the card-issuers? Explain your answer.

Question 8: Does the minimum $10 billion per year ($10,000,000,000) that is kicked-back directly as rewards to card-carrying judges, lawyers, politicians, political-parties, court-system-workers, and the owners and employees of credit-reporting agencies affect your answer to Question 7? Explain your answer.

Question 9: What allegedly-intelligent species on planet Earth has become so habituated to nominal authority over common sense that it can be systematically looted of $1 trillion ($1,000,000,000,000) every 18 months while genuinely believing something as transparently ridiculous and flat-out-stupid as the free loan story? No need to explain your answer.

The credit/charge-card POP QUIZ is the first step in getting your sanity back from the entrenched-money-power that has gone to work on your ability to reason.

By purchasing the additional optional eBook-package The Free Loan Story, Nominal my butt, Conspiracy Theory my butt (and other select writings) by Timothy Paul Madden you are not only gaining additional priceless insight into how the world really works, but also helping to fund a broad remedy and effort to actually do something about it (available only to the first one-million seats activated).

First, though, each copy of the basic (and free) eBook package has its own serial number that corresponds to a seat and account on the WEREX (World Equity Repository and EXchange).[1]

WEREX has over seven billion seats, being one, and only one, for (almost) every man, woman and child on Earth. The only exception is that, for the first twenty years at least, no past or present member of any Bar Association, Law Society, or like or similar organisation of lawyers, is allowed to hold a seat on the Exchange.

In effect, and in this aspect, WEREX is a global anti or contra-bar-association intended to protect beings of conscience or beings of equity from being exploited by beings of law.

The world’s broadly-defined bar associations are organisations of lawyers that exclude non-lawyers, and WEREX is simply the converse – an organisation of beings of conscience that excludes lawyers.

This policy is not intended to insult or disrespect lawyers – it is simply a necessary step that has resulted from the cogno-linguistic deterioration of and among members of the broadly-defined legal profession, and most significantly among the class referred to as “Commercial, Corporate and Financial Law Specialists”. In fact one of our ultimate goals is to save the legal profession from itself.

With respect, lawyers are by definition professional-language-manipulators and they are the least qualified people on Earth to become judges. In the early days of English law and equity, practicing lawyers were not allowed to later become judges for precisely that reason.

Otherwise, there is one and only one seat for every being of conscience (People only – no corporations).

A primary purpose of WEREX is to administer Gold-Limited and Bonded Equity Exchange Credits or BEEC’s (pronounced “beeks”) that correspond (in part) to the amount of equity that people have been cheated-out-of or unlawfully-deprived-of under the private financial system that has been operating since 1913, and flagrantly so since 1981.

If, for example, a given seat-holder has issued registered mortgages for the USD-equivalent of a net total of $1 million during their lifetime (initial registered amounts only and not constructive or actual renewals of the same mortgage), then they will receive a corresponding 1 million BEEC’s for their account on the WEREX.

The total number of BEEC’s available is fixed by the total equity so defined by all broadly-defined consumer-debt-securities issued worldwide, for which the issuer (nominal borrower or debtor) did not in fact receive the equity (or underwriting) credit for their underwriting of the liability under the nominal security (virtually all mortgages, car loans, personal loans, student loans, credit cards, etc.).

The bonding function (and its 10% premium (from the conversion proceeds – does not require cash contribution)) then applies to all initial conversions of equity claims or entitlements into BEEC’s.

If, again for example, a given seat-holder is entitled to 1 million BEEC’s from having issued registered mortgages to a total (net) principal amount of $1 million, then 10% or 100,000 of the BEEC’s will be assigned as premiums to the seat-holder’s Good-Faith and Good-Conduct Bond under which the seat-holder undertakes not to commit any act of common-law-felony, narcotics trafficking, act of terrorism, or any other wrongful act to be defined and ratified by a stipulated majority of seat-holders, and to pay actual damages if they do.

The bonds and bonding scheme are modelled on a whole-life-insurance-policy (combination of insurance and investment) where the premiums are earned-back over time by not having any material claims against the policy.

The basic design of WEREX is based on what Mr. Madden calls an Infinite-Audit-Trail or IAT. The BEEC’s never leave the WEREX e-Vault and the chain-of-custody for the right of property in any given credit is recorded by the fact of a nominal exchange.

If, for example, a given BEEC had been first spent fifty years earlier by the seat-holder to whom it had been first issued / assigned, then it would be possible to track that credit through every transaction made with it in the ensuing fifty years – like having a complete and accurate record for every exchange ever made with a given dollar bill by and under its serial number.

The principal drawback, as it were (or virtue if you prefer), is that it becomes impossible to ever hide the fact or amount of a given transaction. The information, however, is not accessible except by way of a claim against a given seat-holder’s bond, and then only to the extent that it is relevant. It will still be possible for any two parties to misrepresent the purpose of a given transaction but not the fact or amount of it.

So the essential take-away is that if you want to do anything illegal or improper, then do not use WEREX / BEEC’s to pay for it. Based on Mr. Madden’s extensive observations over the past thirty years, he believes that people generally will have no problem in this respect for easily 98% of all their transactions. Hiding transactions is becoming ever increasingly impossible and so the people need to anticipate that and create a system that embraces it instead of trying to avoid it.

Additional manifest benefits include the fact that they cannot be meaningfully stolen, nor can people be successfully defrauded of them, because there is no way to hide them after the fact.

The only exception is that seat-holders may choose to expressly (and selectively) authorise their transaction information to be used by others, but they will then also be entitled to financial compensation as the owner of that information. The problem is not the ever-increasing amount of information – it is the people who have seized control of it and are using it in bad faith.

Almost thirty years ago, in April of 1990, Mr. Madden won his Court challenge (in Canada) against the T. Eaton Company (major depart. store chain) on the ground that it was employing an insidiously fraudulent so-called interest calculation method on his credit card account.

The contract and company (management) claimed that the rate of interest was 28.8% per annum while it was in fact 32.9%, and the difference then represented about a 15% increase, per se, in gross interest income to the company, or about an extra $60,000 per day at that time.

In April of 1990 Mr. Madden won his case, and if and when applied to the entire private Canadian financial system, it was going to cost the nominal creditors in excess of $100 billion just to cover the direct overcharges, and as much as $1 trillion if all the debt had to be written down to correspond to interest at 5% per annum as provided under the federal securities law of 1897 that directly addressed precisely the fraud that Eaton’s had been caught committing.

As the case proceeded through the appeal process by Eaton’s, Mr. Madden discovered that the same so-called nominal method of interest calculation, that had been constructively illegal in Canada since 1897, had also been banned throughout the U.K. in 1974 as criminal fraud on the grounds that it is “false and seriously misleading”.

But the same egregiously and obviously fraudulent methodology had also been made mandatory or legally required throughout the U.S. since 1968 under what the U.S. government had labelled Truth In Lending legislation!!!

It was at this point that Mr. Madden realised that something in this world is seriously at odds with what we have all been conditioned to believe. He has been reading and researching and digging ever deeper into it ever since.

The marketing project

The specific object of the marketing effort for The Free Loan Story Project is to sell just over 1.11 million copies of the optional eBook package to raise sufficient conventional currency to allow Mr. Madden to continue his research and implementation of WEREX, while concurrently activating the same initial number of seats on the WEREX.

When the expanded Phase 1 of the larger Project is complete (with 111 million Seats Activated), WEREX will have achieved about 5% of the current scope of Faceb**k. Phase 2 forward is to become about three to four times the size of Faceb**k.

The basic (and free) eBook package includes the WEREX Preamble (Anatomy of a global coup d’état, and What is really going on out there?) plus:

  1. POP QUIZ (1 page) plus 6-page Short-answer-Key
  2. The Normalization of Fraud and Forgery (A brief history of illegal interest-in-advance or Front-loading) (36 pages).
  3. Money-lending my butt (Part 2 of Rule of Law my butt – A General Theory of Financial Relativity) (A brief explanation of how the global business of credit-reinsurance is fraudulently passed-off as banking / money-lending) (16 pages).

The list of five additional and optional eBooks is comprised of

  1. The Free Loan Story (1999 exposé of the global credit/charge-card business) (65 pages).
  2. Nominal my butt (An exposé of the so-called (and ridiculously fraudulent) nominal method of interest calculation) (50 pages).
  3. Conspiracy Theory my butt (A 2019 update and summary of Nominal my butt and The Free Loan Story) (60 pages).
  4. Rule of Law my butt, Part 1, (75 pages) and
  5. Rule of Law my butt, Part 3, (30 pages)

Each of these latter seven works / writings are written from the same general approach as the above POP QUIZ where the facts alone are sufficient to expose the massive and undeniable fraud that is being carried out.

By spending the two to three hours that it takes to read the first three a typical reader will obtain about 80% of the insight that it took Mr. Madden over ten years and 100,000 pages of reading and research on and into the same subject matter to achieve.

The final (optional) five are longer and go into more detail for those who are able to invest a little more time (about seven hours total).

Mr. Madden’s approach is to read literally thousands of pages of history and official records and distill it all down to as few pages / words as possible. The Normalization of Fraud and Forgery, for example, explains and documents three hundred years of accounting fraud by pretended bankers in 36 pages.

According to the author: “If people generally don’t read much any more, then you have to find new ways to demonstrate reality to them using as few words as possible.”

According to Madden: “There is nothing so valuable as a diligent and competent human acting in good faith. I have read, as an especially focused example, some 30,000 pages of definitions and legal history from 24 sets of antique / antiquarian law dictionaries (1772 to 1923) and in my carefully considered opinion this following is the single most significant and important definition and concept. This is the core  business-model employed by the entrenched-money-power to control the world”:

“A “systematized delusion” is one based on a false premise, pursued by a logical process of reasoning to an insane conclusion ; there being one central delusion, around which other aberrations of the mind converge.” Taylor v. McClintock, 112 S.W. 405, 412, 87 Ark. 243. (West’s Judicial Words and Phrases (1914)).

In a relative instant, a potential billion people can obtain a specific bit of information and insight that took a reasonably intelligent human two years and 30,000 pages of specialised reading to evaluate and determine. All based on good faith and an absence of any intent to manipulate or to pursue some other agenda. Finding the truth is its own reward.

Imagine being able to encounter hundreds or thousands of people who in their lifetime have each carefully read in excess of one million pages from the broadly-defined historical record (about the equivalent of 3,000 books), and who then tell you in good faith what are the most important things that they have learned in the process. That is how human communication and development and genuine progress is supposed to work.

Instead, the people actually running the planet say: Be sure and run your purchases through your credit/charge-card account because it is the same as receiving a free loan.

No, it is not. They are taking a rake-off from every transaction that totals about $1 trillion ($1,000,000,000,000) every 18 months. It’s a great rush for them – like a narcotic – but utterly ruinous to the broadly-defined little people who make up the masses.

And it absolutely cripples small business. A small business can effectively lose up to 50% of its gross operating profit or operating margin needed to run the business to the price discounts (and equipment-fees) that the owners have to give to card-users to facilitate the card-issuers to conceal the credit charges from both the card-users and the public.

But the people who administer these systems are not that bright – at best they are of normal human intelligence and they are simply not capable of running a truly complex conspiracy. They have a system that is best described as managed-mental-illness. And they are very very good at it. So good in fact that the vast majority of them have no idea that they are doing it at all.

Understanding the financial world is remarkably easy once you understand the means by which we are all being deceived.

Most briefly, it is being done with cognitive-mirrors where everything important is the mirror-image-opposite of what you think it is. It works because humans have bicameral brains – we have a left brain and a right brain that make us schizophrenic by design. It allows us most notably to employ language to triangulate reality in a way that gives us an advantage over almost all other species. But it is also highly susceptible to being hijacked by bad actors who act in bad faith to deceive the masses.

Once you grasp the nature of the problem and of the systems that have been used to manipulate us, then WEREX becomes the obvious solution and remedy.

As Madden says: “It is much easier to explain the problems that WEREX fixes than to explain WEREX itself.”

Bonus Bonded-Equity-Exchange-Credits

Each of the second ten million people to activate under Phase 1 (i.e., after the first one million) also receive a base 10,000 BEEC’s or Bonded-Equity-Exchange-Credits which are an equity-based quasi-crypto-currency. They are quasi because they are the functional opposite of a conventional crypto-currency because they are transparent, and they are bonded (detailed explanation to be on the WEREX website).

[The above is in addition to the special bonuses for the first one-million Seats Activated (due to the urgency created by the Coronavirus crisis)].

BEEC’s are designed to maintain a constant real exchange value equal to the same units by which they were earned or measured by documented exchange rates (e.g., the USD-equivalent of $1). They are not like bitcoin, for example, where people buy them in the hope and expectation of rising prices / exchange-value. BEEC’s are all about stability and maintaining the time-and-work-energy-equivalent that went into their original creation or acquisition.

There are a fixed number of BEEC’s in the WEREX eVault corresponding to the aggregate equity claims against the existing system, and after that no more BEEC’s can be created except in direct proportion to new gold mined from the ground. If it takes 100 years to double the amount of mined-gold in the world, then it will take 100 years to double the supply of BEEC’s.

The base 10,000 BEEC’s for each of the first 11 million seats activated are paid from Mr. Madden’s 1% equity salvage commission against the total equity so salvaged and administered under WEREX (and applied as a 1% gross-up as value-added because it is being used to further and enhance the trust itself.)

The Free Loan Story was written by Mr. Madden twenty years ago in 1999 and it is included in the option package as a proof-of-concept and proof-of-competence. It could be retitled “I told you so” because virtually all of the problems and flagrant criminality that he described then have increased exponentially in the ensuing 20 years and have now reached true crisis proportions.

The Free Loan Story is comprised of a total of 17 mini-chapters or sections of about two-to-four pages each (total 65 pages).[2] Each describes a specific aspect of the business and how it relates to the larger overall deception.

The larger object is to educate the first one million people, and then expand geometrically from there to 11 million, and then to 111 million people, and then to the rest of the world.

Over the past century or so the entrenched-money-power has become ever-increasingly used to having its official stories accepted without question. The official stories keep getting more and more outrageous and flat-out-stupid precisely because no one ever meaningfully challenges them.

And The Free Loan Story on the global credit/charge-card business is truly about the little stuff. It is just one relatively minor example of how we are all being robbed blind by an entrenched-money-power that has become so intellectually lazy and arrogant as to explain it all away by “No we are not taking a $1 trillion rake-off every 18 months – you are receiving a free loan. Now get back to work.”

So buy the (optional) package (in whole or in part) and take a crash-course in reality while concurrently activating your seat on the WEREX with a (regardless free) starting bonus of a minimum 10,000 Bonded Equity Exchange Credits or BEEC’s.

The basic sign-up and WEREX seat-activation is free. This also includes the WEREX Preamble and first three eBooks / writings that Mr. Madden believes to be the most efficient at exposing the magnitude of the wrongs being committed, how we got here, and why WEREX and BEEC’s are the most logical, equitable, and legal solution.

Those who want to help fund the start-up costs can purchase up to five additional eBooks at the USD-equivalent of $20 each for a maximum total of $100, while also receiving an additional bonus 100,000 BEEC’s for each optional eBook to a maximum of 500,000 bonus BEEC’s. (Available only to the first 1.1 million who choose to purchase them).

Here again, all bonus BEEC’s are taken from or charged against Mr. Madden’s 1% salvage commission.

In the interests of brevity, this explanation and overview touches on only a few of the major features of WEREX and of the marketing / start-up Project. A much more comprehensive and detailed discussion will be on the website as the project progresses.

Also, there is no product-risk as it were. The five bonus works are already on-line and can be read in advance.

WEREX is like Faceb**k – Only really really big!

WEREX is (or will be) a global broadly-defined financial and social media site founded on equity where the right of property in everything you put on it (blogs, writings, videos, etc.) remains vested in you (it remains your property)[3], and where everyone receives an account with a balance equal to the total amount that they have been constructively cheated out of (unlawfully-deprived-of) by the conventional financial system, beginning with registered mortgage principal.

Also, once it is substantively established, including a basic constitution, WEREX will be operated on a co-op basis where every seat has equal ownership and voting rights in the aggregate entity.

If you have issued (net)[4] registered mortgages (during your lifetime) with total principal of $500,000 USD, again for example, then you would receive 500,000 BEEC’s (and adjusted to all other currencies by official exchange rates as ratified or modified by WEREX).[5]

Eventually WEREX will convert all of the equity (mortgages, car loans, credit cards, student loans, small business loans, etc.), but will begin with registered mortgages because of the extensive records and ease of access / proof.

You cannot spend your BEEC’s yet and it will take a year or more (likely two) to perfect the software but once people generally grasp what it is – it will become unstoppable.

Once the one-million-seat-activation level has been achieved, the crypto-currency development will be put out to tender. There are hundreds of specialist entities that are developing crypto-currencies and the BEEC model is among the most technologically-simple.

In the 1960’s Marshall Mcluhan famously said: The medium is the message – and which effectively ushered in a prolonged era of form over substance.

WEREX and BEEC’s represent a return to substance over formEquity over legal-pretence. The value is created by the fact of 300 million people having been cheated out of their legal and equitable underwriting credit and where such credit was obtained-in-fact by an institutional structure whose legal owners were unjustly and illegally enriched in fact by it.

The crypto-currency is simply relatively simple delivery mechanism to recover that value and restore it to its rightful owners.

With Bitco*n, the medium is still the message.

With BEEC’s, the substance is the message.

All the BEEC’s have already been earned – you don’t have to mine them. All that WEREX is concerned with is getting them to their rightful owners.

Mr. Madden has recognised and declared / published an equity lien and salvage / restitution trust on the constructive and actual equity titles to all broadly-defined consumer-debt-securities worldwide and which is held by WEREX in trust, pro rata, for its rightful owners. It is also protected by triple redundancy, meaning that there are (at least) three different recognised and independent principles that all arrive at the same result, in equity, in law, and by policy.

And all three are in turn protected and supported by both the equitable doctrine of necessity and (constructively) the legal doctrine of necessity.

Equity is to fact or reality, as law is to fiction or pretence. That is why the highest of all principles of law and equity is:

If there is conflict between law and equity, then equity prevails.

If there is conflict between fiction and reality, then reality prevails.

WEREX may also be considered as an emergency back-up financial system in case the entrenched-money-power does something really stupid, whether by accident or by design, that substantially collapses the economy (i.e., makes it unworkable for doing commerce).

The global private financial system has obtained the USD-equivalent of over $250 trillion ($250,000,000,000,000) in financial assets through its own acknowledged violation of dozens of criminal-law / anti-racketeering statutes and international treaties. And it has done so directly contrary to equity by pretending to be money-lenders instead of credit-reinsurers.

It won’t be done overnight and the first one million seats activated will constitute a de facto trial run to perfect the seat and account number assignment systems, followed by the other 110 million to complete the first 5% (relative to Faceb**k).

Another major pre-operational task will be to settle the global exchange-rate schedule so as to maintain equity.

Other than bragging rights (and the various bonus BEEC’s paid from Mr. Madden’s 1% salvage commission) for having been one of the first one million or 111 million members there is no gain, benefit or advantage to having a low seat number. WEREX is about equity and that means that all seats and the people who occupy them are entitled to equal administrative treatment.

The balance of Mr. Madden’s 1% salvage commission will be used to pay equitable compensation to the approximate 10,000 people who have furthered the cause since 1990 when his research began, and to obtain / purchase infrastructure for WEREX.

A relatively small amount of conventional currency is required for the bare start-up costs, but once the value of the equity-based and gold-limited and bonded quasi-crypto-currency is broadly recognised, the residual of the 1% commission will be more than sufficient to purchase the required infrastructure directly with BEEC’s.

On the nature of Faceb**k

Faceb**k represents a curious anomaly because of its extremely counter-intuitive substance.

Its core business model is the same as with private bank deposits. The instant any money or anything of value is deposited to a private bank, the bank henceforth owns the deposit both in law and in fact (by possession).

(From Rule of Law my butt Part 2:)

Assume, for the sake of exposition and argument, that some force, divine or otherwise, makes me the winner of $1 billion in cash in a super-multi-state powerball-type lottery. That $1 billion would bestow upon me some quantifiable and very substantial socioeconomic power….

The cash would be mine regardless and I would own it in fact (possession) and in law.

Yet the next day, if and when I deposit the cash in a private bank, the cash henceforth belongs in fact and in law to the bank, and I (henceforth) have an unsecured liability of the bank (an unsecured deposit credit) that I own and which I can trade with or assign to others (by cheque / check), but which did not cost the bank anything of substance to produce.

Now the private bank also has $1 billion of new socioeconomic power by my decision to so favour it – a systemic gift of the equity and financial product of [about] 100 million hours of labour already performed.

Now apply the same process to the (say) $5 trillion-plus of earnings from new broadly-defined labour services annually in the U.S. economy.

Assume that you [as an American for example] work for a year to earn a cash payment of $100,000 in exchange for your labour and other skills and talents that others find useful in that amount. You too will have earned a certain amount of socioeconomic power.

But the instant you deposit the money into a bank account, it is no longer your legal or actual money, and you have unwittingly made the private bank an equal partner in the product of your year’s labour. Same with cheques / checks (and anything that is deposited) – the bank literally and legally owns your paycheque the instant you deposit it.

Likewise with anything that you post on your account with Faceb**k. By opening the account you agreed that the right of property in anything that you post is henceforth owned by Faceb**k and not you.

The same goes for Y*uTube and most of the other major so-called social media sites.

Note also that this phenomenon also defines the corporate-person device. To make it easy, assume that there is one near-all-powerful man or woman on Earth with total money assets of $100 trillion and that there are no corporations or corporate-persons (which are deemed in law to have “the capacity of a natural person, including the rights, powers, and privileges of a natural person”).

Now assume that this powerful man or woman is able to have government create the concept of a corporation, and that he or she then does so while transferring their $100 trillion of assets to it.

Now there are two near-all-powerful natural-persons-in-law on the planet. The man or woman has $100 trillion of assets because they own all the shares in the corporation, and the corporation also has $100 trillion in assets and all the de facto political power that goes with it.

Now assume that this corporate-person creates another corporation of which it owns all the shares and transfers the original $100-trillion to it. Now there are three near-all-powerful persons on Earth and they are all controlled in fact by the original man or woman. Repeat, ad infinitum.

In effect, the corporate superstructure of human civilization merely doubles (and more) the relative power and advantage of the entrenched-money-power.

But just as with the private global nominal banking system and / or Faceb**k, etc., no rational people would ever choose to create it or even to tolerate it, except under force, deception, or other forms or combinations of coercion.

And Faceb**k did not even have a revenue model when it went global, yet was able to raise the billions of dollars needed to acquire the computer networking capacity to make it all work.

So how was Faceb**k able to raise $16 billion in its IPO (Initial Public (share) Offering) without even a revenue model but based on the banking-system’s deposit-function (asset-sink) model, while any theoretical competing model where all the people retain the right of property in their postings was a virtual or practical impossibility?

How is it that the things that people don’t want, and no rational people would want, and would never design for themselves, are able to access funding, as long as they concentrate ever more power and ownership into the hands of a few, while the things that people do want and rationally would want remain systemically shut-out?

Clearly it is not an insurmountable problem. If WEREX could easily and obviously materially benefit, say, just four billion people on Earth, then the same $16 billion of investment capital to make it happen would represent only $4 each.

Yet the entrenched-money-power has carefully designed the system to prevent exactly that.

That is why for WEREX to succeed we have to first organise and educate the People who will use it and massively benefit from it (by selling the optional e-Book packages), and then acquire the hardware and software systems and subsystems to make it work.


Just to be clear, by activating your seat on WEREX you automatically get the right to convert your registered mortgage equity into an equivalent value denominated in Gold-limited BEEC’s, and you receive a minimum 10,000 BEEC’s as a bonus (for the first 11 million to activate). Later you will be able to likewise convert all of your car loans, personal loans, small business loans, student loans, credit cards, etc. All of which is free. And you automatically receive the first three core writings (POP QUIZ, The Normalization of Fraud, and Money-Lending My butt.)

If you so choose (purely optional) to purchase up to five additional writings (eBooks) at the USD-equivalent of $20 each for a maximum total of $100, then you will receive an additional 100,000 BEEC’s for each eBook up to a total of 500,000 bonus BEEC’s for so doing, and which are also paid from Mr. Madden’s 1% salvage commission. Available only to the first one-million-level.[6]

And, after you read the material (within 30 days)[7], if you believe that Mr. Madden is simply wrong or otherwise mistaken in his general research and findings, then you can return the material for a full refund.

  1. The difference between a depository and a repository is that whatever you put in a depository is then owned by the deposit-taker, while whatever you put into a repository remains your property.
  2. All of the page counts given are from the word processor program in which they were originally written. The eBook format may have a significantly larger number of proportionately smaller pages.
  3. In strict legal-terminology the legal right-of-property in anything posted remains vested in you. Bear in mind, however, that you will still be liable through your bond for acts of libel, etc.
  4. WEREX compensation is based on the net loss to the mortgage-issuer. Basically it means that, based on the same starting principal amount, someone who had a single mortgage with a 25-year amortisation will get the same compensation as another who had a series of, say, five 5-year mortgages with corresponding renewals.
  5. Less an initial 10% paid / assigned into your seat’s bonding fund. So based on total mortgages of $500,000 you would get immediate BEEC credit for $450,000 and the remaining $50,000 would be assigned as a premium for your seat’s bond (Good-Faith and Good-Conduct Bond) under which you undertake not to commit any common-law-felony or act of money-laundering, narcotics trafficking, terrorism, etc., and to pay actual damages if you do. The premiums are then earned back over time by not incurring any material claims against the bond (somewhat like a whole-life insurance policy).
  6. Assuming that everyone in those levels chooses to buy them. Otherwise we will continue to sell them in fact until they are gone on a first-come-first-served basis.
  7. The 30-day limitation period for refunds is necessary because the sales proceeds are held in trust for the purpose of funding WEREX and without a limitation period we would not be able to spend them.