TPM Short History in 600 words

Modern History of the World in 600 words

Most creditors globally employ a nominal approximation formula to disclose and declare interest rates to borrowers, and to determine the interest amounts themselves. In most technical terms, they use, disclose and declare a logarithmic-derivative of the interest rate, instead of the interest rate itself.

Under the nominal approximation formula, a real annual rate of 1.01% is converted to 1.00%, (and vice versa) with the deviation ever so slight (about 1%, per se).

Under the same formula a real rate of 6.167% per annum is converted to 6.000%. Basically, by increasing the stated rate from 1% to 6%, the deviation in the approximation increases by a factor of 6 x 6 = 36 times.

By the time a micro-loan business or payday-loaner discloses and declares 300% per annum (as most of them more or less do), the real interest rate is about 30,000% per annum (about 100-times greater than declared).

In 1974, however, the Parliament in the U.K. banned the nominal approximation formula as criminal fraud on the grounds that it is “false and seriously misleading”.

So today in the U.K. the micro-loaners and payday-loaners tell the truth?

No, of course not. Not even close. In 1974 the U.K. system merely adapted by massively switching (at the higher-end especially) to employing equally illegal pretended loan-fees (GAAP-fraud concealment-fees) to disguise and disclose the rate of interest to the borrower, as for example:

Payday-loaner: You get £335 today for an obligation to pay £400 in ten-days time. Legally I am required to disclose and declare to you that the rate of interest is 64,622% per annum.

Borrower: 64,000 per cent! I can’t possibly afford that!

Payday-loaner: OK – I tell you what – We’ll call the £65 difference an application fee plus a cheque-cashing fee. That way you get £335 today for an obligation to pay £400 in ten days. That way the interest rate will be zero percent.

Borrower: Oh that’s much better. I can afford zero percent.

The truly sad state of humanity is that this transparently stupid nonsense actually works on people.

That is why the real or de facto explanation and justification is never discussed in public, and most certainly not by the captive / controlled media:

We in the micro-loan business have a fundamental right to exact interest money from the working-poor at an average rate of 30,000% per annum when we declare and disclose and obtain their agreement to pay 300% per annum, because we got away for decades with collecting interest at 6.167% when we disclosed and declared 6%, and we use the same mathematically invalid nominal approximation formula in all cases.

The private financial system needs only the tiniest sliver of justification to support the most egregious systemic and systematic frauds. Above about a stated 10% per annum, the global financial system makes more money from the math-error than from any other source.

So how much money are we talking about here?

Answer: All of it.

By total amount, all debt and money in the world today is a direct function of the objective math-error in the approximation formula – just since 1974 when it was technically banned as criminal fraud in the U.K.

The entrenched-money-power merely decided at that time that you have no pressing need to know about such things. And so know you don’t (until now).

More generally, the existential problem with lethal danger that grows exponentially is that if you wait until you actually see it coming, then you’re already dead.

Applied to the nominal COVID vaccines, it means that if the relative coefficient-of-toxicity is a real 64,000, then the pharmaceutical company people will disclose it to you as about 300.

And they will believe it.

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  1. Larry

    Tim. How do I compliment your post and misunderstand it at the same time? I seek to understand, not to offend.

    Fist I do not know what TMP means, and I do not find it used or described in the good article you wrote. I searched online without finding a specific meaning of TMP, however I did find multiple possible meanings, none of which I recall seeing in your article.

    I am left both amazed at the potential of genius and the wealth of info that is contained inside of you…and bamboozled about WTF it trying to tell me. Would you be charitable enough to ignore any and all internal alarm bells within your body that might suggest to you that I am insulting you, or demeaning you. I really, really, just want to understand what you are trying to say with the headline of “TPM Short History in 600 words”. I am a fan of where you might be going with this, but I must not have the intelligence to understand…can you perhaps dumb it down enough so I can “get” what you are saying? Thanks much. I wrote the book on how to “Farm Humans” in ways that you sound like you are working on…and yet I need to learn more. Thanks again from Canada!

    1. Tim

      Hi – thanks! TPM is Timothy Paul Madden – that’s me. Sorry I have been locked out of the site for three months and finally got back in today. I had been in lockdown in South Africa and am now back in Canada. I am just going through the comments now and just responding to let people know. I still cannot get into the email account and so have no idea how many I have missed. I had a disaster back in late January when my computer and my cell phone crashed on the same day and each was the backup for the other. I tried to upgrade the operating system on my Mac and it did an overwrite and wipeout instead of an upgrade and everything I had in terms of passwords etc got overwritten. I had also gone for a walk downtown while it was installing and got caught in a downpour that soaked my phone and it fried the electronics. I will have a look at the link you sent asap after I get caught up. Thanks.

  2. Barry Donaldson

    It is good to hear that you are back in Canada. I hope the years are finding you healthy. It just sems that the whole world is going to hell. I suspect the financial system is not far behind.
    What have you been working on, these last few years?
    Barry Donaldson

    1. Tim

      Hi Barry! How are you doing? Where are you? I am currently in south east Africa and without regular access to the internet. I’ve been working on a couple of pieces with the potential to change the world, but have to figure out a way to get broad distribution on the first try, and to a relatively-well-educated market that is capable of reading – say 20,000 words, which is about an average two-hour read. The system is in the business of throwing up firewalls to stop anything major dead in its tracks. Otherwise I am continuing to work on my dictionary project which is now twenty-years behind schedule! but I did get it to a major milestone and have a working prototype but in two parts. I just need a programmer who can build a user-interface program that can call-up and display png-files from a link embedded in a cell of an apple numbers spreadsheet program. Anyway I have run for the moment – hope this gets through as the internet connection is so slow that I often get time-out failures! Cheers! Tim.

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