Global Relief is on the way

Gold-limited and

Bonded Equity Exchange Credits

BEEC’s (“Beeks”)

A new global and transparent crypto-currency
You don’t have to mine them
Because you have already earned them
Recovering your equity entitlement / asset is free

If you have ever had a registered mortgage(s) at a recognised financial institution, then there is a restitution / equity entitlement for you in the WEREX Special-Salvage-and-Restitution-Trust to the same value as the registered Principal Amount(s).

World Equity Repository & EXchange

The Wealth of the World

Restored to its Rightful Owners


Activate your Seat on WEREX



300 Million People Worldwide have been systematically and unlawfully deprived of the USD-equivalent of more than

$150 Trillion ($150,000,000,000,000)

Everyone suspects the people who own and operate banks of cheating a little bit – but no one has managed to grasp that it is 100% fraud and forgery – all the time. We haven’t been able to see the fraud because it is all fraudall the time.

The bankers, the government, and the Courts have all fully acknowledged and admitted that what the banks / bankers are doing is criminal, but they have also made a conscious (and flagrantly illegal) policy decision to not prosecute them for it!

But even if that were legal – which it absolutely is not – it would still not change the fact that the aggregate victims are the beneficial owners of all of the assets, and the banks are merely trustees.

So while you are riding-out the CORONAVIRUS crisis – take the time to read the attached WEREX information package and IPS (Intellectual Property Security).



Then you will realise that you can spend up to the next 30-years paying off what is in fact the bankers’ debt to you.

Or you can regardless activate your seat on WEREX and simply agree with the system’s other 300 million victims of the same fraud as to the extent and amount by which you were personally targeted and victimized, and obtain restitution in Gold-limited and Bonded Equity Exchange Credits (“Beeks”).

Again, there is no cost to activate your seat on the Exchange, or to obtain your restitution entitlement from the WEREX Special-Salvage-and-Restitution-Trust.

And there are no courts or lawyers involved – We are simply recognizing that the system is saturated with conflict-of-interest, and we are quite legitimately invoking the equitable doctrine of necessity to obtain a remedy through the mutual agreement of the victims.

And it is a fair and valid equity remedy even if everything the bankers have done were to have been legal instead of so objectively, scandalously, and admittedly criminal.

As a species, going back thousands of years, we keep repeating the same folly of going  to, and expecting a remedy from, the same institutions and people who robbed us in the first place. If we are to survive at all – that has to stop. It stops here. And it stops now.

World Equity Repository & EXchange

The Wealth of the World

Restored to its Rightful Owners