WEREX and Coronavirus

(May 27 2020)

Does the nominal coronavirus have any effect on WEREX?

The short answer is yes, because WEREX is forced to go public before everything is ready, and perhaps more profoundly because there may not be much of a world to salvage.

First, however, I should make it clear that from my vantage point here in Johannesburg, I have seen no physical evidence that there is any Earth-changing Coronavirus at all. For all I know it may be a complete hoax and fabrication.

Next, as far as I am aware Coronavirus is just a fancy name for flu virus.

After that, there is the problem with the alleged testing. Again as I understand it, they are able to detect whether someone has been exposed to a flu virus or a coronavirus – but determining or identifying this specific Covid-19 type is apparently a very difficult thing to do and it takes a great deal of time to do it. Apparently almost all governments are simply assuming that anyone who dies with a respitory condition must have been killed by coronavirus-19.

And after that, we have this raging controversy in the UK over this advisor to Boris Johnson who went AWOL from the lockdown to visit close friends and relatives and business associates. What that tells me first and foremost is that he does not believe his own stories. It is not about mere hypocrisy – if he really believed the story he used to sell the lockdown to the public, then he would not have violated it himself while concurrently exposing his own elderly parents to the alleged danger.

And it is not just him. There are photos all over the place in the media of so-called officials who are crowded together around podiums to announce how contagious the disease is. And they seem so casual and nonchalant about it like they are not even trying very hard to sell it.

But the thing that scares me the most is that the whole complex global economy appears to be collapsing while the entrenched-money-power doesn’t seem to be lifting a finger to stop it. Normally these people will lie through their teeth about anything and everything to keep the wheels turning and the money rolling in.

In 1883 an outbreak of smallpox hit Kimberly and its diamond mines in South Africa. Cecil Rhodes’ personal physician Dr. Jameson immediately identified the disease as smallpox, but was persuaded a week later to change his diagnosis to an unusual skin condition. Some 600 people, mostly workers in the mines, subsequently died of the smallpox.

There is definitely something very odd going on and I don’t think that it has anything to do with any virus. What the English refer to as the knock-on effect of shutting everything down is simply enormous and the consequences of it will be several orders of magnitude greater than any flu virus.

And if there is a real flu virus, then it is a near certainty that it was created in a laboratory. So who knows what kind of crazy features and unintended consequences may come from that.

I’ve also read three specific books that are relevant since I got back from Toronto. The first was called Guns, Germs and Steel that begins with the virtual wiping out of the Aztec empire by the Spanish conquistadors in the 16th century. The book opens by asking why the Europeans carried germs and viruses that were deadly to the Central and South Americans but not vice versa.

The second one was called London – The Biography which is a detailed history of the city of London from ancient Roman times to the year 2000. The city was routinely exposed to viciously lethal epidemics of contagious disease.

And the third one was A History of Plagues that covered the most historically significant infectious disease outbreaks of the past 1000 years.

In the case of the Aztecs, they had simply never been exposed to any of the more sophisticated smallpox-like viruses carried by the Spanish, and they were very nearly wiped out.

The same general theme prevailed in the other two books such that as the peoples of the Earth were ever increasingly exposed to one another, the general incidence of infectious disease commensurately declined.

We had been on a pronounced long-term trend of an ever diminishing risk of catastrophic infectious disease overwhelming any given peoples simply because there were fewer and fewer peoples who lived in isolation from all the others.

So when Mr. Gates announces that some kind of mega-lethal global pandemic is inevitable and in the short-term, it does not make a lot of sense to me. It makes me very nervous but it doesn’t make sense.

We will just have to stay vigilant and monitor the situation to see what develops.

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