(May 25 2020)

Globally, more that one billion people live in a household where someone has or has had a mortgage with a mainstream financial institution.

And these people have been collectively robbed (or otherwise deprived by criminal means) of more than the USD-equivalent of $150 trillion ($150,000,000,000,000).

All such financial institutions are asset sinks. If you know what to look for, then every last deal reduces to “Unconditionally transfer all of the assets to the bank, and then maybe the bank will give you something in return and maybe it won’t.” Why would any sane lawyer put a financial transaction into the form of a wager or game-of-chance unless the bank were making additional money from it?

And that is just collateral-profit-padding. The old standard form was already flagrantly criminal and the recent additional provisions turning the transactions into wagers are just pure unadulterated greed. (The pretended-borrower cannot tell the difference but the banks make additional fortunes from the securities in the financial markets this way).

Over the past 50 years humans have produced such product as to have a current surplus of some $250 trillion. If we are basing it on one billion adult working humans, then that works out to $250,000 each.

Based on an average two billion working adults and averaged over the fifty year period, it works out to $125,000 each.

And at the end of the fifty years the bookkeepers claim that according to their books and their calculations, the bookkeepers own it all and the two billion working adults have some vastly smaller amount of unsecured credits that did not cost the bookkeepers anything to create.

If three hundred million mortgage-equity-holders representing households totalling one billion people recognize that they have been the victims of objectively illegal and criminal acts, then all they have to do is recognize a common remedy in the form of BEEC’s (crypto-currency) where everyone recovers the time-adjusted amount of which they were deprived, then that new currency will become the most valuable and important currency on Earth because it is founded in equity and not coercion (fiat-currency is a fancy name for coercion-currency).

The former bank-lawyers who have been directly appointed as judges by former bank-lawyers are not going to do it for them.

In order to earn one Bitcoin you have to have a computer that makes a certain number of calculations, and that one Bitcoin is worth about $8,000 by the consensus agreement of those who so mine them. A total of some 67 million people have currently so recognised such value (although many of those have fractional interests in a single coin).

In order to earn one BEEC, you have to have been robbed of $1 by a financial institution, and that one BEEC only has to maintain a minimum value of $1 by the consensus agreement of those who were so robbed, and by carefully documented means. A total of some 300 million people are entitled in law and equity to so recognise such value.

They are entitled in equity because the bank really did obtain their equity and property by criminal means.

They are entitled in law because the Government of Canada expressly and officially recognised that what the banks are doing is criminal and racketeering, and then chose to deal with it by not prosecuting, while concurrently enjoining the criminal laws being violated with multiple international treaties that automatically criminalized the whole global banking system.

The people running this planet really are at least clinically-insane, and we have got to stop pretending that they are going to do something radical like actually enforcing the law against themselves and their friends.

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